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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Everyday Hypnosis

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Uncommon Hypnosis Master Series
Everyday hypnosis
So you get up in the morning and you
get yourself so calm, there's no way
feel just awful. You had too much to
you'll get as nervous as before.
drink last night, the baby kept you
awake, or you just didn't sleep well.
The day goes on and you use your
hypnosis as planned. The presentation
Now you've got the whole day to feel
is much more comfortable ­ you even
found yourself enjoying it. And after
lunch, when your body is crying out for
Or do you?
relaxation, you did a short session fo-
cusing on that email problem, and lo
Here's the first way you can use hyp-
and behold ­ your unconscious mind
nosis today. Go and have some break-
popped up a creative solution. A solu-
fast ­ something with protein in it to
tion so neat in fact, that you know
keep you going longer, then sit down
you'll be commended for it, and you
and do self hypnosis for just ten min-
make a mental note that you're much
utes. Do it in the bathroom when you
more creative in hypnosis, and you
get to work if you have to. And notice ­
must use it more often.
I said sit down, not lie down ­ you
don't want to fall asleep again ­ espe-
Early afternoon, after your break, you
cially if you're in the bathroom at work.
marvel at how good you are feeling
despite your awful night's sleep and
Towards the end of your session,
decide to tackle the backlog of email
imagine yourself on a big rollercoaster
stacked up in your Inbox. For the next
to get your excitement levels up, so
hour your focus is total, you are undis-
you come out of trance nice and
tractable, and you clear an immense
bouncy and ready for the day.
amount of fiddly work. Then, still feel-
ing in the zone, you write the first draft
So let's assume that next you start
of a proposal you have been thinking
work, and that email that you haven't
about for a few days.
answered in weeks is still sitting there
in your Inbox glaring at you. You have
By now your mental reserves are flag-
no idea how to solve the problem it
ging with the classic mid-afternoon dip.
presents. No matter ­ you resolve to
Knowing how your brain fluctuates be-
make it the focus of your post-lunch
tween left and right hemispheric domi-
hypnosis and move on.
nance, you are aware that you need to
take a break. Instead of sitting down to
You remember that you have a pres-
do self hypnosis, you go for a walk and
entation to make at midday, and you
deliberately keep your thoughts off
get the familiar lurch in the pit of your
work. Self hypnosis has taught you to
stomach. You've done your prepara-
take control of the contents of your
tion, but you know you're going to feel
thoughts. Instead, you let your mind
horribly nervous before it. This time
drift, until after ten minutes or so, you
though, you resolve to do a 15 minute
suddenly remember that you have a
relaxed rehearsal in hypnosis before it
report to be in by five o'clock. Once
starts. Because you've practised self
again, given some quiet time, your un-
hypnosis you know you'll be able to

conscious mind has come to your res-
Now of course, your day may not be
quite like this, and you might not be
able to use hypnosis in any of these
Suitably refreshed by your break, you
ways. But I'm sure you can see the
race back to your desk and rattle off
flexibility of hypnosis and its relevance
the report during that last hour of work.
to your own life. Hypnosis provides a
Again you take a moment to reflect
problem-solving tool par-excellence
how that last hour used to be dead
and if you are creative enough you can
time before you learnt how to manage
apply it to almost any problem.
your brain better.
Whether it's dealing with a difficult
On your way out of the office, you
person, helping yourself or others
think about whether you can be both-
through illness, creating new business
ered going to the gym. But then you
ideas, or just things to do with your
remember that's a pretty poor way to
child, hypnosis is an astonishingly
motivate yourself. So instead you fo-
powerful tool. And it's your birthright ­
cus on how good you are going to feel
use it.
in an hour's time going home after an
hour's workout, and without any more
thinking, you're there, exercising hard.


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